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What Happens In Florida Stays In Florida

It was supposed to be the perfect vacation for my son Danny and I. We always wanted to go to Disney World and we finally got the chance. We had to share th...

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Mindi Mink in Movie Night with Step-Son

You know how much I love to spend time with you. And I'm glad that you're enjoying the movie but there is something that I wanted to talk to you ...

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Mindi Mink in After Shower BJ

Hey Stepson, let's finish the conversation we were having while I was showering, I remember you said you got suspended from work for bringing in a girlie m...

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Mindi Mink in Peeking in the Shower

I just came home from a great workout & found my stepson hanging out on my bed in my room. It was a bit awkward & unexpected but he wanted to talk to me so...

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Mindi Mink in Practice on This Dildo

Walking into Jason's room & catching him stroking his cock caught me off guard, but realizing that he was doing it to gay porn really threw me for a loop. ...

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Mindi Mink in I See You Watching Me

Discovered a stalker in my driveway today while coming home from the market. So, naturally I confronted Monroe the Perv. When I realized he knew me from my...

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Mind Mink in My Nephew Waits For Sex

My poor nephew. I didn't realize how long it's been since he and his girlfriend had sex. Well, I don't know what her problem is but my sweet nephew is suff...

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Mindi Mink in an Intense Anatomy Class

Hello nephew, how was your day today in school? Hard? Why? You need to write a paper on the female orgasm? Well, I want you to write the most phenomenal pa...

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Mindi Mink in Sucking on Your G-Spot

I love to see that beautiful meat in your hand while you're stroking it. Want me to help you with that baby? You know how much I love to suck on that cock....

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Mindi Mink in A Toy From A Fan

Getting a new toy is always exciting for me, especially when it comes from a fan like this one. It's a great new toy & I can't wait to try it out. Want to ...

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Mindi Mink in Wet Confessions

I have a confession to make to you my wonderful step-son. Do you remember the other day when I helped you get rid of your morning wood so you could go to s...

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Mindi Mink in Morning Wood

So what were you dreaming about last night that youre so hard & woody this morning. Well, I can't let my step-son leave the house like that. I wouldnt be...

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